Digital Media

For the increasing demand of city media resources, LED display’s vivid colors and sharp images which deliver amazing visual impact not only attract those passing by to maximize media value but also highlight the commercial value of media resources. AOTO has accumulated a wealth of experience in cooperation with top-class media companies and offers professional, cost-effective and complete advertising LED display solution. With leading image display technology, high quality service and excellent products, AOTO advertising LED display solution has been applied in New York Times Square, London Waterloo Station, London Olympics Torch Tower and other global top advertising locations, and these significant projects received high praise from customers and audiences.

Integrated Digital
Broadcast and Control

AOTO LED display is equipped with powerful control system and advanced cloud technology to make “multi-screen by one key control " possible, and render centralized and long-distance control, safer and more convenient. As a result, it saves management and maintenance cost.

Extensive and Profound Publicity Effect

24 bit processing depth creates stunning and vivid image. HDR (high dynamic range) technology enables higher contrast and more image details. Adjustable color temperature.

High ROI

Through superior display performance, safe and convenient processor, high-quality and guaranteed 10-year life span, AOTO LED display brings high return on investment.

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