Control Room

With leading technology, first-class R&D team and excellent product quality, AOTO provides ultra-HD (UHD) LED display solution for control rooms and command centers, which serves in very particular and special environments including traffic management, network monitoring, industrial and military applications. AOTO UHD LED display has become a perfect choice for varied industries, with its features of seamless splicing, superior visual performance, super low noise operation, stable and reliable operation and many other advantages.

Superior Visual Performance

Through leading technology of HDR, calibration and 24 bit color processing depth, AOTO LED display provides the most precise and high quality images. With self-developed software, the quick response time and multiple screen control well fit the requirements of control room application, contributing to real-time decision making.

Well Environmental Adaptation

The fanless design allows whisper-quite operation and patented matter surface shader makes no reflection under lights. Furthermore, the extremely wide viewing angle and ultra high refresh rate ensure full details and images are obtained by audience from any position of the control room.

High Stability and Reliability

AOTO double backup system can achieve seamless switch of display content. Even when emergency occurs, the backup system can operate normally without stop.

Unique Structure Design

AOTO unique front serviceable structure in lightweight and thin design requires less space for installation, assures fast set-up and easy maintenance during life span, which reduces operation and maintenance cost as well.

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