Conference Room

AOTO offers numerous state-of-the-art, high resolution and creative LED display solutions for various kinds of conferences, such as business events, press conferences, international and board meetings. The brilliant image, stunning color and low-noise design satisfy informing and interacting with audiences. The unique mechanical structure of AOTO LED display eables versatile installation and quick setup, which makes customer’s investment cost-effective.

Superior Image Qualityy

AOTO narrow pixel pitch LED display adopts HDR technology, 24 bit color processing depth and high-precision calibration on both brightness and chroma, which brings incomparable image, perfect visual performance and comfortable meeting atmosphere to audiences.

High Interactivity and Efficiency

AOTO complete LED display solution supports multiple interface, intelligent control and user-friendly for meeting attendees. As a result, it improves meeting atmosphere and information visualization, also brings high efficiency and interactivity with audience.

Safe Design and Quite Operation

AOTO EMC approves LED display guarantees the stability and safety of system operation, avoids electromagnetic interference in living environment or other surrounding equipments. The fanless design satisfies the quiet meeting environment demand.

Front Serviceable Structure

AOTO unique front serviceable structure in lightweight and thin design requires less space for installation, allows fast set-up, full of creativity installation and easy maintenance during life span, which saves cost on installation and maintenance as well.

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