AOTO Officially Introduces its New Visual Identity

DATE:03 September,2019

AOTO has officially begun to adopt the new organization visual identity(VI) since 1st Sep to upgrade the company’s image and catch up with the trendof this age. The new VI deeply reflects AOTO’s ‘intelligent +’ developmentstrategy for the future 20 years. It also emphasizes the international visionand customer- oriented value.

English Logo

English + Chinese Logo


VI Implication


The new VI combinesthe word and the icon. It adopts the flat design, which is in line with theinternational mainstream logo design concept, reflecting the company'sdevelopment direction of rooted in China and international scope.


The letter ‘A’ represents ‘Aced’, it is also the initials of ‘AI’, meansthat AOTO is not only the leader of the LED industry, but also the advocatorand promoter of the machine learning technology. AOTO will change people’s lifestylein the future 20 years with its intelligent technology.


The solid capital ‘A’and ‘T’ express the company’s new slogan ‘Attractive Technology’, aiming tomake life more convenient and brighter. The high-quality product will attractpeople and fully experience the charm of AOTO technology.


The two capitals ‘O’ iscomposed of a dotted matrix symbolize a pair of pupils of human, as well as a telescopelooking forward. Expanding the horizon ofmankind's future is the mission and passion of AOTO.


Each ‘O’ consists of1080 dots, which means 1080 high definition. Its circular structure symbolizesperfection and harmony. It is not only the spirit of AOTO’s ‘Endeavor toPerfection’, but also the unremitting pursuit of ‘serving customers, seeking commondevelopment’.


The brand color is blue,representing innovation and technology. Innovation is the eternal driving forceof AOTO. Also, it is the foundation of AOTO’s development around the world.

As a company that has experienced 26 years’development and challenge, AOTO always focuses on customer relationships andinsists on technology-oriented development direction. ‘Attractive Technology’-Intelligence will change the future. The ‘Intelligent +’ AOTO will make a markin history as it brightens the world.