Shining on Prolight + Sound, AOTO Mini LED opened the new era of high-end rental application

DATE:03 April,2019

On 2nd April 2019, 2019 Prolight +Sound Show was hosted in Frankfurt,Germany. As the most important global show which has 23 years’ experience onprofessional audio and lamplight, 2019 Prolight +Sound attracted a great numberof industry professionals. AOTO Electronics, as a leading global LED display solutionprovider, brought various LED displays for rental application. With the experiencedbrand accumulation, cool booth design, fantastic Mini LED technology andvarious rental LED displays, AOTO’s booth attracted many visitors.

Fashionable personality, AOTO’s booth turned into a "big stage"

According to the rental feature of Porlight + Sound, AOTO’s booth wasdesigned to be a ‘big performance stage’. It uses a giant screen as thebackground, together with a series of LED displays and the special searchlightsfor the dance. The entire booth is colorful and eye-catching.

AOTO’s Mini LEDleads the new era of rental application

CLD RS Mini LED 1.5 is the major product promoted by AOTO this year, whichprovides a new choice for high-end rental applications. Mini LED 1.5 adopts thelatest Mini LED technology developed by AOTO, which target on smaller LEDcrystal particles, more stable solid screen robustness, and better sealing andoptical design. This product solves the easily damage problem of normal FinePitch products and on-site maintenance problem of COB products. AOTO's Mini LEDtechnology owns over 30 patents in worldwide. With its perfect performance, theMini LED 1.5 attracted many customers at the show.

Diversedisplays to meet various rental needs

In addition to the latest Mini LED products, AOTO also displayed a number of different series of rental display products tomeet various needs.

The MXE series is designed for indoor andoutdoor rental scenarios. It is made of carbon fiber structural frame, light andthin. And the power box is molded by magnesium alloy die-casting. The weight ofthe cabinet is light, and it can be quickly installed. Front and rearmaintenance are supportive, which is convenient and quick.

The SP series, designed for stadium screenapplications, is a 360-degree SMD product. Its excellent color display, highcontrast and refresh rate, and greater visibility have become the new standardfor FIFA and UEFA applications.

The S series is an indoor and outdoor rentalproduct that AOTO Electronics has launched. The product supports theinstallation of seat, hoisting and floor tile screens. It can be climbed andmaintained when carrying aluminum frame, and equipped with transport vehicles. Carbon fiber cabinet products support a variety of splicing joints, with highreliability connectors and power supply, can be maintained before and after andmany other features.

Intelligentcontrollers to provide the low-latency display system solutions

The ATLVC control system that support 2K, 4K and 8K control isindependently developed by AOTO. Currently, it has SDI, HDMI, DP input card, 6 outputnetwork ports and fiber cards. Processing depth up to 24 bits, support 8, 10,12-bit video source inputting, single-point brightness correction andsingle-point chromaticity correction. AOTO Electronics individually developsthe control system and provides customers with an integrated, simple as well asconvenient solution, which is highly recognized by customers.

"Innovation-driven, technology-first, service-oriented" hasalways been the core value that AOTO Electronics adheres to. In order to meet theneeds of the high-end rental market, AOTO's Mini LED1.5 products and intelligentcontrol system in Prolight + Sound set a new benchmark for high-end rental applications of LED displays with its advanced technology and perfect displayeffects. In the future, AOTO will focus under the guidance of the brand concept ‘Mini LED, Grand AOTO’, AOTO will use technology innovation as the driving force, andregard customer service as its purpose, to launch more products for satisfying customerneeds, and reach the high level in LED display applications.


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